clothes diary

I feel like I have a lot of clothes, so I listed them all out and it turns out I have 39 or 47 if you include coats and scarves.


I have decided to keep a track of what I wear for the next month to see if I need all of my clothes and really to see what I actually wear.  I have seen/heard a variety of versions of this but for me, keeping track using a list I’ve made seems the easiest.

why do i want to do it?

I feel like I have some clothes that ...

getting annoyed with myself

I’m starting to get really annoyed with myself recently.  I have gone into a bit of a ‘decluttering kick’.  This is a habit I have every so often which in there lies the problem.

I go through phases:

  1. I don’t need to get any more things, I have enough
  2. I want this new thing, let’s forget we don’t need new things, just get it
  3. Guilt for buying the new thing when number 1 feeling rolls around again.

I feel ashamed and guilty of getting rid of things.  Why did I buy it?  I’m not sure.  One of the things that ...