p p p palau: part two – milky way, long beach and snorkelling

We did two trips with Antelope Tours and both were amazing. The first one was the Super Rock Island Tour.  This is the number one thing I was looking forward to doing and it did not disappoint.   I would say that this is an absolute must do if you are coming to Palau.  The team at Antelope were amazing. I think they cater more for Japanese guests but they do speak English and the team is a mixture of nationalities. We felt so well taken care of and they really did a good job.

The tour was from 9:00 ...

p p p palau: part one

We went to Palau during June for a week.  Never heard of it?  You aren’t alone.  Neither had I until I saw the cheap flights advertised.  If you have, well done.  You’re probably Japanese, Korean, from that part of the world or into diving!

So it all started last December when we were sat waiting for our flight to Manchester in Marco Polo Airport in Venice. I was going through my bloglovin’ and I saw one post advertising cheap flights from Tokyo to Koror, Palau in June 2017. I googled it and it looked amazing so we decided to book. ...

learning to deliver the goods


We went to a cooking class whilst we were in Italy and I must say whilst I was a bit apprehensive, it was really good!  I was imagining that it would be really strict and that I wouldn’t be able to do it.  It was actually really good fun!  I had such a good time and I managed to learn how to make some really excellent food.  The teacher, Lucas, was so patient and created such a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We made focaccia with olives, sea salt and rosemary.


It was beautiful!


Ravioli with a pumpkin and amaretto biscuit ...

italian life


Hello, long time no blog, especially over Christmas.  So, we went to Italy to visit family and then on to England, but I don’t have any photos of England – sorry.

We didn’t get up to too much, just seeing family, friends, eating, drinking, giving and receiving presents.  It was just all the usual Christmas stuff and I loved every minute.

In Italy we had a cooking lesson (a separate blog to follow); had ice cream; ate delicious food and relaxed.  We flew to Zurich with Swiss Air and then to Venice. Swiss Air were very good, we were impressed ...

the philippines


Those with a keen eye will have noticed I changed the tagline of the site from ‘come live my life with me’ to ‘living life frugally’.  Now, not everything I do is frugal, but it is a big hobby of mine.  I love saving money, getting deals and enjoying the free things in life, so it’s sort of there to act as a reminder to me.  What I am trying to say is, this post isn’t really showing off my frugal ways BUT I don’t spend on other things so I can spend on the things I am interested in. ...