Mt. Nokogiriyama

Have you been wondering what I did during this year’s Golden Week? Going out of your mind imagining all the amazing things I probably got up to? Well the wait is over! It must be good if it’s taken me this long to get something together, eh?

Well, we went to two places – Yokohama and Mt. Nokogiriyama.  I have no photos of Yokohama, so you can imagine the amazing time we had.  No, that’s not fair, we did have a good time eating our way about and sitting in the park.  I don’t think I would rush back though. ...

eating the week

what did we eat this week?

The top picture is what we had on Sunday and I wanted to include it in this.  It’s okonomiyaki – mine has the cheese smothered all over it.


We had caramelised onion tarts with pesto potatoes and salad.


The pesto heart-shaped pizza.  Read more here.


We had something with roasted cauliflower.  I have no idea what – I  can’t remember!  I absolutely love roasted cauliflower recently.  It’s like the best thing ever.

thursday + friday

I had the same thing both days – pasta with pesto.  My husband was out, ...

hearts and strawberries

happy valentine’s day (for yesterday)!

How did you spend your day?  I made us pizza and chocolate covered strawberries – I tried my best with them! Then we just relaxed and watched TV.  I like to just keep it simple.  When I was younger I did like to go out and I don’t regret that.  A lot of people criticise others for spending money on Valentine’s Day but you celebrate how you want to.  Being the tighty that I am, I like to celebrate it, but in a frugal way.  I know the strawberries don’t look as good as they ...