april memories and may wish list

april memories
I’ve been really terrible for blogging recently, I apologise for that.  I haven’t been tending to take many photos either whilst I’ve been out and about but I’ll share the ones that I have taken.

I started off the month by going to see the cherry blossoms (you can see more pictures here if you would like).  This below two photos are at Yasukuni Shrine.

Then these were taken at The Imperial Palace, at the moat.  The queue for the boats was ridiculous.

The new Scott & Rivers album came out in April (go buy it if ...

old news


This weekend I went to Hagi in Yamaguchi.  I was going to post pictures I had taken but…I didn’t really take any!  You can see the problem, I’m sure.  I didn’t take any because we weren’t actually there to sightsee, we went for a family ritual that needed to be carried out.  This involved sitting on the floor for a very long time and then having to stagger over to the alter which is no easy thing when you can’t feel your feet, I can tell you!  It was very hard going seeing family friends (note, not my friends) who ...