eating the week

what did we eat this week?

The top picture is what we had on Sunday and I wanted to include it in this.  It’s okonomiyaki – mine has the cheese smothered all over it.


We had caramelised onion tarts with pesto potatoes and salad.


The pesto heart-shaped pizza.  Read more here.


We had something with roasted cauliflower.  I have no idea what – I  can’t remember!  I absolutely love roasted cauliflower recently.  It’s like the best thing ever.

thursday + friday

I had the same thing both days – pasta with pesto.  My husband was out, ...

life recently


The weekend has come and gone, quickly as it always tends to do.  I did mean to post this earlier in the week, but didn’t!  I had quite a good weekend.  It wasn’t the best and it wasn’t the worst.


the worst

This bit bit relates to the apartment and the contract stuff.  I won’t get into it but let’s just say it’s hard living in Japan sometimes and leave it at that.  This is still an ongoing issue.


…on to the best


I met my husband for lunch and we had Japanese bakery.  It was cheap ...

wasting time

I am rich in time; I have ample amounts of it.  I can do pretty much what I like with my time. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  I know I am very lucky.  The thing is, I don’t do very much at all most days.  I sit and laze about, doing the bare minimum.  Yes I do enjoy doing nothing but I also feel incredibly guilty at the end of the day when nothing has been accomplished.  This is completely different to when I was ridiculously busy both working and studying.  I had a lot less time then but when I ...