new budget: tokyo 2017

There is a new budget, it is being conducted whilst we’re living in Tokyo and it is 2017.
As such the title of this blog post is, ‘new budget: tokyo 2017’. Very snappy!

So, we have the categories as follows:

  • rent ¥125,000
  • savings
  • bills – electric, water, gas, mobiles and internet ¥50,000
  • supermarket ¥30,000
  • eating out/leisure ¥40,000
  • husband ¥40,000
  • emily (that’s me) ¥70,000
  • travel ¥10,000
  • miscellaneous ¥20,000

Savings separates into a few different categories:

  • christmas – presents we buy ¥10,000
  • christmas – to my mum for family ¥3,000
  • unexpected ¥5,000
  • travel ¥25,000
  • savings – not to be spent

I want to say, we have given ourselves a lot more money in some of the categories than I anticipate we are actually going to spend.  However, it’s all a trial and error sort of thing, so you know, it can be adjusted.


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