the budget: how’d november go?

The answer is, not too well.  Or, not as well as I wanted it to?  We weren’t well for some of the month and that just leads to spending more on convenience foods.

So, we have the categories as follows:

rent ¥125,000

bills – electric, water, gas, mobiles and internet ¥50,000
–> Actually spent: ¥28,363 

supermarket ¥30,000
–> Actually spent: ¥34,903 (this is the one!!)

eating out/leisure ¥40,000
–> Actually spent: ¥26,864 (we did all right, still a lot of money if you consider it.  I’d ideally like it around the ¥20,000 mark)

husband ¥40,000
–> Actually spent: ¥50,000 (he had a lot of work events to attend)

emily (that’s me) ¥70,000
–> Actually spent: ¥9,972

travel ¥10,000
–> Actually spent: ¥5,000

miscellaneous ¥20,000
–> Actually spent: ¥0

That means we spent, with regards to this budget, ¥280,102 out of ¥385,000 so saved a grand total of ¥104, 898.  Could be better and will be better!

How did your November finances work out?


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