fruit parlor fukunaga

For my husband’s birthday/our wedding anniversary we went to Fruit Parlour Fukunaga – you can follow them on Twitter here.  It was delightful!  As you can see, we went greedy!

First up we have a cherry parfait and (large, I think) plate of fresh fruit.

Then the fruit sandwiches which I liked very much. I hadn’t ever had a fruit sandwich before coming to Japan, but now I have delighted upon them, I have become quite fond. You can find them at the supermarkets and conbinis too if you don’t have time to go to a fruit parlour. The cream was slightly sweet, the bread savoury.  Don’t knock it till you try it.

They also have these stamp cards.  You receive a stamp when you have the respective parfait.  For example, we had a cherry parfait, so we got a stamp in the cherry box.  It’s that easy! When you’ve collected them all, you get a small gift (so it says).

If you like fruit, I think I can say quite confidently that you will like it here. Not quite as expensive as the more famous Takano and Sembikiya but equally as nice if not more so.

As a side note, it does say to try to ‘refrain from using your phones’ but not many people seemed to be taking notice of that.  Also, we went on a weekday and it did have a bit of a queue so if you’re braving it at weekends, I would be prepared.  The cafe itself is quite small but this gives it a lovely homely and friendly atmosphere.

Have you ever been?  Do you have any fruit parlours you would recommend?


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