jr tokyo wide pass: day 2

Day two and look at the weather!  It was glorious.  We went to Izu Peninsula and we got off at Ito first. We wandered to the beach but there wasn’t much going on.  It was very peaceful just listening to the waves and not at all crowded.

Then we trotted on our way to the Jogasaki Coast.  We got the train to the station, which by the way is a lovely station, all wooden and walked down from there.  It’s only about 20 minutes-ish so you don’t need to get the bus, it is also very well signposted.

We had lunch at Cafe Sora which was really nice and I do recommend. Lovely atmosphere and a great place to relax.  It was also really busy which is always a good sign.

We had the apple pie and vanilla soy ice cream.  I’d never had soy ice cream before and I couldn’t tell it wasn’t the normal kind.  I was really impressed.

The photos that you are about to see do not show the true beauty of the place.  If I could live there, I would.

This bridge was not for the faint-hearted.  I was really scared!

On the way to the coast, we’d seen these signs for mikan picking and we thought, we wanna bit of that! So on the way back, we went.

¥600 pp got you unlimited time in the orange grove which had two types of citrus fruits.  The lady explained but I’m quite bad for letting words I think I don’t need to learn flutter out of my head.  All I know is the smaller ones that are pictured tasted like a cross between a lemon and orange and some bigger orangey-coloured ones tasted like a cross between a grapefruit and an orange.  (Possibly they were natsu-mikan?)

Included in the ¥600, we also go to choose one fruit eat to take with us. What a bargain!  The below photo is the place being advertised.

Using our passes, we saved around ¥7,000.  We had made back our money and all was right with the world.

I would venture to say that most tourists don’t go to the Izu Peninsula but it is a really lovely place and I can’t wait to go back.  Have you ever been?


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