ume matsuri

On Sunday, it was a beautiful day here.  Not as warm as Saturday but we had lovely clear, blue skies and it was the perfect weather to go and see the plum blossoms!  So we went to 亀戸天神 (Kameido-Tenjin Shrine).

These green signs led the way from the station.  The main road that we went along was pedestrianised which I loved.  Not sure if this is just an every so often thing or an every Sunday thing, but it felt very daring to be able to just walk in the middle of the road.

We got to the shrine and although it wasn’t quiet, it still wasn’t as busy as I was expecting it to be. Not all of the trees were in blossom yet but a fair few were.  Around the outskirts were some stalls set up selling the usual festival foods.


We then headed on over to Tokyo Skytree because it wasn’t too far and we wanted a walk.  Everyone was crowding around this tree to take photos (just like us).

I am excited for spring and the cherry blossoms.

What have you been up to recently?


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