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Winters in Japan are very dry and every year I tend to suffer from eczema. It’s usually just a couple of patches on my legs but this year, it was one of my hands – a few fingers and a little section on my palm. It really hurt, to the point where I couldn’t stretch out my fingers properly without stretching the skin and causing it to break and bleed.

I’m reading that paragraph back to myself and I’m thinking, wow, you really should have gone to the doctors. Unfortunately, I’m British and will put off going to the doctors with the thought that the ailment/condition I have really isn’t that serious. So, I did what I am guessing a vast majority of British people do, I tried to solve it myself. It has been a process but in the pictured product above, I have found Japan’s miracle cream. My eczema has almost gone after only three days of use. If I can help even just one other person, my life is complete. You should be able to acquire it at most drug stores in Japan, costing around 600-700 yen.

Shiseido 10% Urea cream

(尿素10%クリーム・にょうそ じゅう ぱーせんと くりーむ・nyouso juu paasentto kuriimu)


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