a day in ueno

Hi everyone, how’s it going? It’s sakura season in Tokyo right now, so I’m being more active than I have been since Christmas and New Year. I’m a person that loves to stay at home by nature but on occasion has been known to venture out. This weekend we went to the Ueno and Yanaka areas.

First off, we stopped by Guruatsu, a lovely little vegetarian (perhaps even vegan ?) cafe which also specialises in muffins (which were amazing and I really do recommend – not at all overly sweet and very flavourful with a lovely firm texture in a multitude of flavours). We had lunch set A which gives you a lunch plate with the daily soup for (I can’t find the price but I want to say) ¥950 plus an extra (perhaps) ¥100 to add a muffin. We also got a carrot juice and a ginger ale which were delightful.

If you click here, you can see more pictures from google reviews and here for their instagram.

Then we went to Ueno. Oh no, look at all the people! It’s a popular place for hanami it seems. I went there perhaps 10 years ago and it wasn’t anywhere near as crowded – oh how times change.

We quickly skedaddled out of there and headed to Yanaka cemetery. It wasn’t as busy but there were still people. It’s not so big. It just seemed to be the main road lined with cherry blossom trees. Very pretty though. From there we headed to Sendagi Station and it was a really nice walk – so much so that I took absolutely zero pictures. I took one!

A lovely bit of Tokyo and highly recommended if you want to experience a more traditional Tokyo.

Do you have any sakura spots you recommend?


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