birthday adventure – takano fruit parlour and shinjuku gyoen

So, I celebrated my birthday this weekend (not on the actual day) with my husband. We went to Takano Fruit Parlour in Shinjuku and had a wonderful fruit platter and a berry ice cream.

We’d never been in the parlour before, just the buffet. It was nice and busier than we were expecting. Of course the buffet was a lot busier with at least an hour wait time.

Then we headed over to Shinjuku Gyoen. Neither of us had ever been before and I’d been wanting to go. I’d read about it being quiet because people don’t want to pay the ¥200 pp to get in. If you’ve read that too, my suggestion is not to believe it. Or, maybe usually it’s dead but at weekends in autumn it isn’t? It was really busy! There were still a few places we walked though where not many people seemed to have ventured. I recommend the dark, shaded areas.


As you can see, autumn is in full swing here in Tokyo. I had a wonderful birthday with the person I love, eating fruit and walking about in the relatively fresh air. Perfection.


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