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So, I tried writing my blog recently like some of the blogs that I read. I don’t think it worked for me. I like reading blogs that tell me about a person’s day to day life, not how-to’s and tips. I tried it and I didn’t like it. That’s fine.

So anyway, then I started thinking, if you don’t like blogs like that, why are you reading them? Good point, so I decided to cull my blog list.

I had around one hundred and fifty in my follow list and I culled it down. I went through my list three times. At the start as I went through the blogs, I was quite reluctant to cull too many. Of course, it was easy to cull the one’s that hadn’t been posted to for years but what about the others? As I got to the bottom of the list, I found it had grown easier to delete them.

Okay then, let’s go through them a second time. I’ve got the hang of it now. So then, I went through a second time. I was harsher this time and I said goodbye to a lot of blogs. It wasn’t their fault, it was just that I’m a different person than I was when I started following them. I’m not into buying lots of different make-up anymore, or kawaii stationery.

Then, the third time.  This time, if I didn’t know what the blog was from looking at the name, it went.  If I didn’t look forward to reading it, it went.  This left me with a list of a selection of blogs that I enjoy reading and most importantly, anticipate their posts.

I can tell you, it’s lovely not to have to waste my time sifting through all the stuff I’m not interested in to get to the stuff I am.


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