day out at the park


We’ve had some beautiful autumnal weather here recently in Tokyo.  What better way to spend days like that than outside enjoying nature?  So that’s exactly what we did this weekend!  We went to a couple of parks quite close to home and actually, we hadn’t been to one of them before and it’s absolutely stunning.  It’s a traditional Japanese garden, it even had a Zen garden which I didn’t take pictures of because, well, it’s good to see in real life but not on photos, I think.  We will definitely be going back there as the leaves hadn’t quite changed to their beautiful red and we want to be able to see them when they do.



The ducks enjoying themselves.


A duck and a koi.  I think the koi was looking for food.  They do seem quite greedy fish.






I also want to mention how frugal this weekend was!  No being wasteful with money which is one of my greatest joys in life especially when there is so much to enjoy that is free.

I hope you had a lovely weekend.  I know it’s getting cold now, so take care and wrap up warm.

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