harajuku Ikea and shinjuku cat in october

We had to go to the Omotesando Apple shop the other day so we decided to walk down to Harajuku. We did go looking at Eataly but it was just so expensive! ¥1,980 for a margarita pizza? Instead we went to Ikea and had a set each which I think it came to under ¥1,200 for both of us. My husband had fried fish TUNNBRÖD and I had veggie sausage TUNNBRÖD, each served with plant balls and 1 drink. I really like the veggie sausages they do and the plant balls, so I was happy and we managed to get seats. It’s nearly all self-serve, you just go pick up your order when your number flashes on the screen.

The weather was beautiful so we decided to walk to Shinjuku to see the 3d cat that’s on the billboard. Evidence provided above and here’s a link because I only managed to get one shot. It was about a 30 minute walk from Harajuku through mainly residential streets. I am happy I got to see the cat and there were others stood, gathered around, cameras at the ready for a glimpse of the it. There was one man recording everything that was flashing up on the billboard, including adverts that weren’t 3d, so you just never know what people are going to like!

When we got home, I made Anna Jone’s kale, tomato and lemon zest one-pot spaghetti. I love this pasta and recommend that you make it tonight – I used tinned tomatoes because I like it better, spinach because that’s what we had and less oil, but try the original and see what you think.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your weekend!


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