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Hello, yes, we went to another garden this weekend.  It is called Koshikawa Korakuen (小石川後楽園).  It was lovely.  The changing leaves festival has just started and continues on until 4th December if I remember rightly.  Not all the leaves had changed yet as you can see from the below photos, but it was still lovely nonetheless.   It was busy though!  We had to queue to get in, not long, perhaps around 15 minutes or so.  It did sort of ruin it there being so many people in the garden, couldn’t really relax and just stand still and enjoy the scenery.  Worth a visit though, I say.  It’s near Tokyo Dome, so there are shops and restaurants there.  That was packed too though because Arashi were on later that night.  Life isn’t always fair!


ducksinwater  cantsee






We decided to walk about for a while after visiting the garden.  We ended up at Jimbocho and we found this lovely little place doing traditional Japanese sweets such warabi mochi and taiyaki!  This one had custard in it – very good, my husband had one with red bean paste which was also very good!


What did you get up to this weekend?

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