it’s been a while


I haven’t posted in ages!  Forgive me for that.  Laziness, that old devil got me again.  However, I’m going to get back into my stride and resume my posting schedule.

I bought some plants a while ago: some herbs, a lavender plant and some lettuces.  They are all doing really well and have grown a lot since I took these pictures.  I tend to them every day and like to offer words of encouragement on how good they are looking and how much they have grown.  They really seem to like it.  I also have the door to the balcony open most days so we feel connected.  Is it too much?  Well, that’s the way it is.  They make me feel a lot happier just by being around them.  I like to smell the herbs, they really do have great scents.  I used some of the basil last night which was in fact a present from my Mother-in-law.  It was in a lovely pot when we got it, but I decided to plant it with it’s friends.  Going back to the eating, it tasted amazing.  I just had a few pieces with some slices of tomato and it really is a truly wonderful combination.




That’s it for now, I’m going to get on with my day.

Lovely to see you all again.



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