june and july memories and august wish list

june and july memories

The cicadas have finally started making their little chirps (quite noisy little creatures really) and the temperatures are soaring. Europe had a heatwave too and the world just seems to be going crazy! Take care in the heat.

We went on a boat – link here for the one we did which was really good. I emailed Miho and her English was impeccable, so no worries there. When we got to the boat, I was the only, shall we say, non-Japanese looking person in our group of ten. She started speaking in Japanese and it was fine. She asked me in Japanese whether it was ok or if I preferred English. I said Japanese was fine, so to cut a long story short and stop wasting your life, I don’t know about her spoken English but I imagine it’s great. There was a girl in a wheelchair too, so fully accessible if your needs require.

I’m not normally one for getting jealous of something someone has but I was a bit envious of the new phones that seems to take amazing night pictures. In hindsight, I should have taken my camera but I didn’t. Anyway, I can’t justify a new phone when mine still works, you know?

We went to the Edo Museum which was better than I was expecting. It kind of feels like you’re walking through a city and it kept my husband entertained which can’t be said about too many other museums.

We went on a Kiba/Monzen-nakacho/Kiyosumi-Shirakawa day which consisted of eating. There is a big temple and shrine bit at Mozen-nakacho which is good and not touristy if that’s not your thing.

1. Bee Friendship – all right but expensive
2. ピザ屋 おか渕 – good and not so expensive
3. Monz Cafe – very nice and near the temple/shrine complex. Good for people watching.

We went for ramen at Soranoiro – which I actually liked better than T’s TanTan. It was really nice. Meaty for the meaty, veggie for the veggie.

We went to Eggs n’ Things for pancakes which is making me feel sick just looking at the pictures again. We were so greedy.

No we didn’t go with a party, it was just the two of us. Yes we ate them all and my god! I felt poorly afterwards – it was so much food and very sweet . Never again!

june/july wish list in review

  • For the heat to subside! I can’t take it and it’s only june – it got worst
  • yoga – unfortunately no
  • running – what do you think?
  • meditation (bear in mind I’m writing this in June knowing full well that I haven’t done the last three mentioned things!) – again, no
  • get out and about (this relates to the above whinging about not having anything to talk about in class, it really is all my own fault) – kind of
  • clean windows – I cleaned a patch
  • sort kitchen cupboards out (not the sort of stuff that falls under the category of fun deeming them not appropriate classroom chitchat – they already think I’m boring enough, please have mercy!) – Yes!!
  • Decide on Summersonic – Weezer are doing their own gig, so no expensive Summersonic for me.

august wish list

  • To stop eating so much sweet stuff – I have a really sweet-tooth
  • See fireworks
  • Sew!! I need more clothes made from materials that breathe
  • Try and reduce plastic thrown out every month
  • Have a sort out

media consumed

  • Chernobyl (TV)
  • Queer Eye (TV)
  • When They See Us (TV)
  • This Morning – I keep watching clips of it on YouTube for whatever reason
  • Straight Outta Crawley (book)
  • Margot + Me (book)
  • The Vegetarian (book)
  • Who Moved My Cheese (book)
  • ハリーポッターとアズカバンの囚人 (book)
  • When I Whistle (book)
  • A Zero Waste Life (book)
  • 1日ひとつ手放すだけ (book)
  • 365 Days Wild (book)
  • The Salt Path (book)
  • The Secret Life of Cows (book)
  • Things We have in Common (book)
  • No Impact Man (book)
  • A Murder of Magpies (book)

I know! So, I just kind of shut myself away and read for the past couple of months. What’ve you been doing?


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