massive kakigōri and Indian curry in kasai

sign in a coffee shop displaying kakigori and iced coffees

Lately it’s been cool enough to go for walks again, so we headed over to Komeda Coffee in Kasai which opens until 23:00.

My husband had a HUGE strawberry kakigōri which he added condensed milk to and to which they added ice cream as well. They put the ice cream on by mistake, so gave it to him free of charge. It was a very chemically tasting kakigōri made too sweet by the condensed milk if you ask me – I didn’t get asked but I did give my opinion :) I had the ice cream cone in a bowl which again was big.

We also went to Spice Magic Calcutta Indian restaurant. We normally favour a different establishment – Mubai Magic – but decided to try here for a change. We shared a naan, Aloo Baingan (tomato, potato and aubergine) and vegetable biriyani. We had been before but we didn’t remember it to be as nice as it was. The curry and naan were really good. The biriyani was made with frozen veg and wasn’t in the same league as Mubai Magic’s or Taj Palace (both Nishikasai).

What have you been up to recently (I feel like all I do is eat so I need to start showing more day to day things).

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