may memories and june wish list

may memories

Not that many memories this month. Now, I pretty much say that every month to you and that’s fine. I’m boring, I can live with that most of the time. BUT! Just imagine how hard it is for me three times a week when I am asked by my teachers… so, what did you do this week/last weekend? And I answer as always, not that much. I’ve started making up going to cafes (that’s my best guess of what people do normally).

may wish list in review

  • start running again (this must make it onto the list every month) – and again next month because, you guessed it! I didn’t start in the month of May.
  • mediation – aim for 20 minutes every day – nope
  • get on with my sewing list – yes!
  • Sort out flabby arms – I definitely thought about this as I was riding the train and could see them jiggling about. However, I am ashamed to say that I did nothing to rectify the problem.
  • yoga – I did it twice

june wish list

  • For the heat to subside! I can’t take it and it’s only june
  • yoga
  • running
  • meditation (bear in mind I’m writing this in June knowing full well that I haven’t done the last three mentioned things!)
  • get out and about (this relates to the above whinging about not having anything to talk about in class, it really is all my own fault)
  • clean windows
  • sort kitchen cupboards out (not the sort of stuff that falls under the category of fun deeming them not appropriate classroom chitchat – they already think I’m boring enough, please have mercy!)
  • Decide on Summersonic

media consumed

  • This Paranormal Life (Podcast)
  • Unexplained (Podcast)
  • Fleabag (TV) – I loved it!
  • Alone in Berlin (book) – this broke my heart. I was crying on the train, very embarrassing. It’s quite hard going emotionally but I really recommend it.
  • The Flip (book)
  • Rammstein – Rammstein (music) – my new obsession is German

What have you been up to? Leave your answers so I’ve got something to talk about in class. Make it detailed, I need to make it believable!


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