may memories and june wish list 2022

nishinohama beach

We’re already at the halfway mark of the year. How has it been so far for everyone? The world seems a bit dark at the moment but I hope you’re managing to find some happiness amongst the gloom.

may memories

tateyama snowy landscape

We took a bus trip along the Kurobe Alpen Route and you can see the tour linked here (name in Japanese if the link gets taken down is: 新宿[都庁]発】迫力満点!絶景の立山黒部アルペンルート「雪の大谷ウォーク」と世界遺産・白川郷&飛騨高山2日間).

hagi pink sunset

Not long after, we went to Hagi for Golden Week. We enjoyed lazy days, eating and spending time in air cleaner (hopefully, but who knows) than Tokyo.

gyosen park

Other than that, since we got back to Tokyo, we’ve been enjoying walks in nature and going to cafes. The one pictured below is called Tea Time in Funabori – the lady who owns it is lovely and the food was really nice.

We went to Funabori Tower Hall which has a great view of Tokyo and is free.

june wish list

  • Study hard for N1
  • Start studying Italian every day
  • tidy the back room
  • finish up sewing my skirt
  • finish up sewing my dress
  • keep on top of vegetables from the veg box

media consumed

  • Ozark (TV) – unfortunately, the ending just didn’t match the rest of the series for me
  • Better Call Saul (TV) – loving it so far
  • Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 (book) – I thought this was a very powerful book but upsetting to read, as it highlights the issues women go through

If you’ve read the above and thought, ‘wow, doesn’t Emily have an exciting life, always doing things’, please don’t think last month was a true representation of my life. I don’t normally do too much and that’s just the way I like it. Don’t listen to those people telling you if you aren’t busy, doing stuff, experiencing things that you’re wasting your life. They are just chasing for something that’s missing, so better to feel sorry that they haven’t found contentment yet.

Take care,

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