may memories and june wish list

may memories

Did I achieve my May wish list from last month?

  1. We used our JR Tokyo Wide Passes to go to Kawaguchiko and Izu Peninsula.
  2. I have been studying, I am planning to write a post of my favourite ways to study Japanese which I hope will be of some benefit and interest to people.
  3. Running – I have been running recently, nearly back to my steady routine of 3 times a week.
  4. Austerity May has been concluded a resounding success as we managed to save a fair chunk of change.   It all helps, so check out my five frugal things each week.

What else did I get up to?

Actually, not a lot.  I have been studying hard for the JLPT this July. Probably not hard enough if I’m being honest but well, I can’t take back the laziness now.

Books read (not great, hardly read anything, again!):

  • The Devil’s Work – Mark Edwards
  • The Beach – Alex Garland (3/4 of the way through, so ongoing)

june wish list

  • Go to Nippori fabric town
  • Blog about what I’ve made
  • Have a nice holiday
  • Keep up the blogging
  • Have fun and live life

What did you get up to in May and any plans for June?


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