Just meandering out and about. Enjoying the ‘fresh’ air and the sun on our backs.

I’m using photos from two days here and pretending they are one. The jig’s up now though! I’m my own worse enemy, I just sabotaged myself and didn’t even bat an eyelid whilst doing it. Doesn’t it look like autumn in these photos? But it’s not! It’s winter because it’s December. Unbelievable.

So now it’s day two and we had a mission for this day. Our mission was go to Blue Bottle Coffee and Dandelion. It was a pig day and we weren’t (and still aren’t) going to apologise for it.
We walked a lot that day and I ended up doing 21,461 steps.

Behold, the autumn foliage.

Autumn foliage at a shrine.

No photos of Blue Bottle, because it would just be a photo of a coffee but it was nice! I recommend. We do have photos of Dandelion though and if Blue Bottle is a recommend, Dandelion is a must.  We had a smore thing, chocolate toffee brittle and a mikan hot chocolate which is a seasonal flavour.  It was oh so very, very nice!  Go, run now, run now and eat!

What did you do this weekend? Any recommendations for cafes in Tokyo?


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