october memories and november wish list

I’m a bit late to the party on this one but I’ll keep it short.

october memories

I went to Sumi-Bio with my friend for lunch – don’t let the name put you off (sounds like the sort of place they might do experiments on you).  They cater for vegans, vegetarians, meat-eaters, everyone (maybe)!  It was really nice – I had a mixed veg set/BIO野菜(ビオやさい) 5種盛り.

Then we went to Tully’s and my friend had not a clue what I was on about when I said ‘Tully’s’ in my English accent. タリーズ in Japanese, obviously.  We had a similar problem with Mister Donut where she thought I was talking about an actual person because I didn’t say ミスド.  Anyway, at Tally’s we had the Halloween drink and it was sweet!  It was a pumpkin (but let’s be honest, sugar) concoction with a little biscuit.  I wanted the pumpkin one but it was a no go.

Husband and I went to the botanical gardens, see here.

Then we went to Hagi!

After Hagi I said I went to the UK and I did to see…Weezer!! I went to Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and then London. Originally I was going to book a flight that got me there for the Leeds gig but luckily I didn’t otherwise I would have missed it due to the typhoon! Instead I ended up going to the London gig which wasn’t planned and was very spontaneous. They were all amazing!

I got poorly again! I am always poorly and was tended to by my mum with honey and lemon.

reviewing october wish list

  • get through N4 grammar
  • keep Wanikani-ing – I was so bad at this, I have 700 reviews!
  • start running three times a week again
  • book flights home for Christmas
  • make some bunting
  • make cotton pads for taking off make-up

november wish list

  • keep up the running three times a week
  • go and see the illuminations
  • go to turtle park to see the autumn colours
  • post about budget and how it’s going
  • get more motivated to study Japanese
  • read a book
  • book dentist appointment
  • book hair appointment

I hope you had a fantastic October and are enjoying November so far.


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