reducing stress


I like to think I don’t get stressed too easily, but I fear the opposite is true. One of the things that really stresses me out is a full inbox.


I invariably sign up to newsletters that I think will be interesting to me or sometimes I don’t even realise I am signing up to something.  Then my inbox gets flooded.  I hate this, it really stresses me out because I feel like I have lots to do and I don’t know where to start.  I don’t want to just do a mass delete because there might be something important in there. So, every now and again, I go through and unsubscribe myself from all the rubbish.  This really does make a difference and the key is not to subscribe to more junk in the future.  Another good thing is, it reduces temptation.  I don’t like to receive emails from shops because then it makes me want stuff I didn’t originally want.



The other day, I went and sat in the park and read.  It was really nice, surrounded by all the insects making their little noises, birds going about their day and the wind gently rustling the leaves.  I felt so relaxed and at peace and I only did it for about 45 minutes.  I was contemplating going to Starbucks but I didn’t want to spend money, so the park was perfect. We have a lot that we can enjoy and a lot that can bring us peace of mind, all for free.  We need to make sure we try to enjoy it.




Conclusion – stop being addicted to technology as it only creates a more rushed life and feeling of want.

What stresses you out and how do you combat it?


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