the years come and go so fast

It was my birthday the other week.  The picture above is of Paris which is where I was last year when I turned 28.  Unfortunately, we were there when the tragedy took place.  This year, we stayed local.  We spent the day in Omotesando, Harajuku and finally Shibuya.

For lunch we went to Aoyama Flower Market.  I recommend it if you like flowers.  It was really pretty and the food was nice too.  We didn’t have to wait too long, around 30 minutes, but when we came out, the queue was massive and the sign said 60 minute wait!

I had a rose and lavender tea and my husband had earl grey.  They give you a timer so it’s brewed correctly.  It did stew though because it’s a big pot and you get more than one cup.  That was a bit of a shame.tea

My lunch – mushrooms and aubergine on bread with cheese and a salad.


Husband’s lunch – soup, pumpkin gnocci, salad and some chicken.


We shared dessert but we still got two!  First up we have rose jelly with ice cream, some edible flowers, cake and fruits in the bottom.  This was just ok.


The french toast was beautiful!!  So pretty as well with the flowers.

french toast

My husband got me this cake 🙂


So, what would I like to achieve now I’m 29?  Birthday’s always make you think about what you sort of want out of life.  Whilst we were at Meiji Jingu Shrine, we decided to get our fortunes.  Mine was this below.


So recently, I have been concerned with the thoughts that I haven’t achieved enough for my age and that my time is running out (I know!) but this is how I have felt.  It was very meaningful for me to pick this fortune and I am trying to remember it when I am torturing myself about my failures at night.

what do I want out of my twenty-ninth year?

  • Contentment but not complacency
  • A hard worker – I moan about my Japanese but I have not been giving it 100%.  As such, I have decided to drastically cut back on my TV consumption, allowing only a few programmes each week and a couple of Vloggers that I like
  • Not lazy – if something needs doing, it needs doing now, not tomorrow.
  • Happy – happy with my lot and not comparing myself to others.

So, that’s what I am aiming for this next year.  Let’s see how it goes.


Until next time,



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