no hobby no life

A thing you get asked over and over and over and over again in Japan is (and this is no matter on the age), ‘What are your hobbies?’.  To me, this is an odd question to ask an adult but maybe I’m the odd one?  My usual boring answer is, ‘reading’.  And watching TV and Netflix and YouTube AND of course, eating.  This actually annoys me because my hobby is reading.  I like to read and I do read.  I am under the impression that lots of people say reading is their hobby but then they never do it.  If you’re one of these people, please stop! You’re making the people who actually do it look boring.  Or maybe not.  My other ‘hobby’ is studying Japanese – but guess what?  Every other foreign person living in Japan claims that as their hobby too!  If I’ve realised anything, it’s how generic I truly am despite trying ever so hard to be ‘quirky’.

So, I needed to counter this.  I needed a hobby and I needed one fast.  Please stop looking boring to other people.  Now, I could say blogging, couldn’t I?  Well no, I couldn’t.  Do you know why? That’s because a) I’m lazy and don’t do it often enough to count it and b) people might actually ask to see the blog and that would be awful.  I like being anonymous so no one can pin this drudgery on me!


We’re getting to it!

The new hobby is *da da da daaaaaa* sewing!  If it’s out in blogworld, it can’t be taken back! Meaning, I have to sew something to show you.  Now, reading back through why blogging can’t be my hobby, the sewing one is starting to contradict itself and will probably not be mentioned to the outside world for fear of ridicule.  But, I plan to get so good at sewing, that I will be proud to tell people that ‘Yes!  I do have a hobby and my hobby is sewing’.

Have you got any hobbies?  Please only include the ones you *actually* do.



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