2022 golden week trip to hagi, yamaguchi: part 4

boat on the water with buildings and mountains in the background

We’ve made it! This is the last you’ll have to read about Yamaguchi for a while!

Day seven and our final day (not really, but I’ve kind of written them that way – we stayed for about three weeks in total).

We headed back over to near Daishōin Temple・大照院 to go to Moco Cafe that we’d seen but not been brave enough to venture into. After some research, we decided that it looked nice and took the plunge.

I had egg sandwiches which had ham on, so I removed that and proceeded to eat. They are a bakery and the ...

2022 golden week trip to hagi, yamaguchi: part 3

stone lantern with purple azalea

Day five and we were temple hopping. We started off at Daishōin Temple・大照院 which has a lantern festival in August and is a very pretty time to go.

Then we headed back to ‘town’, to go for lunch at CotoCoto. They had pictures of a vegan lunch menu on their instagram, but unfortunately when we went, the lady said that the person doing those had left, so they’d stopped doing them. We just ended up getting drinks – it was disappointing. The shop itself is really nice and they have a beautiful garden at the back. If you eat ...