organising my life


A new year means a need to get organised!  Above are the hangers where the hanging clothes live.

The food cupboards, I sorted all the stuff and made it easy to find.  Must also clean and sort fridge.



The drawers with our clothes and nightwear.




It felt so good to sort out all our clothes.  I have also gotten rid of some items that I have been desperately clinging onto despite never wearing.  It made me feel sad I had wasted money on them but also good that I was finally able to say goodbye.  I did say goodbye and ...

so much to do


This is a short post.  Yesterday, we moved and the shot above is a picture of all our suitcases. Incredible, right?  This is coming from someone who wants/is trying to be a minimalist.  Not going very well, is it?  I am going to try so hard though, I promise.  I intend to sort out as I unpack, but really, I should have done that before.  As I write my posts a day in advance, this is coming to you when all our stuff has already been taken to the new place and I am just about to set off there ...