studying jlpt japanese

It’s a controversial topic – to JLPT or not, but like it or lump it, it can be quite useful when it comes to job hunting. Of course, it’s a double edged sword because the JLPT doesn’t test speaking, so you can have N1 but be terrible at speaking. People have their own assumptions about your abilities when it comes to your JLPT level but sometimes, their expectations can be a little unfair. Of course the JLPT doesn’t test writing either, which can be considered quite a useful skill.

Anyway, I wanted to compile a list of resources that have ...

how to make ume juice

The umes are in the shops, I repeat, the umes are in the shops.  Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I tried ume juice that someone had made and it was the nicest thing I have ever had to drink, that I can come up with now.  I like umeshu too, but I don’t really drink, especially not at home, so this year, I’m giving the old ume juice (梅ジュース) a whirl.

Here’s how I have prepared it following the book 「大切にしたい、にっぽんの暮らし。」by さとうひろみ. It is a gorgeous book and very informative.

Gather the necessary items ( ...