may memories and june wish list

may memories

Did I achieve my May wish list from last month?

  1. We used our JR Tokyo Wide Passes to go to Kawaguchiko and Izu Peninsula.
  2. I have been studying, I am planning to write a post of my favourite ways to study Japanese which I hope will be of some benefit and interest to people.
  3. Running – I have been running recently, nearly back to my steady routine of 3 times a week.
  4. Austerity May has been concluded a resounding success as we managed to save a fair chunk of change.   It all helps, so check out

jr tokyo wide pass: day 2

Day two and look at the weather!  It was glorious.  We went to Izu Peninsula and we got off at Ito first. We wandered to the beach but there wasn’t much going on.  It was very peaceful just listening to the waves and not at all crowded.

Then we trotted on our way to the Jogasaki Coast.  We got the train to the station, which by the way is a lovely station, all wooden and walked down from there.  It’s only about 20 minutes-ish so you don’t need to get the bus, it is also very well signposted.

We had ...