supermarket shopping in tokyo – Jul17 W2

Sorry, no picture this week so enjoy this picture of Tokyo at night instead. I can’t remember exactly what I bought but it included flour, bananas, garlic, ginger and milk.

It was a lot cheaper this week as you can see, as we hardly needed anything.  It’s still a lot of money though!

july totals

  • Week 1: ¥16,174
  • Week 2: ¥2,684

what did we eat?

Sunday: Pasta with an avocado kind of pesto and mozzarella.

Monday: General Tso’s Cauliflower leftovers with rice.  It tasted really nice after it had been left a couple of days.

Tuesday: Pasta with tomato sauce.   ...

supermarket shopping in tokyo – Jul17 W1

This fine lot cost us ¥7,184 which is steep.  We did manage to get a few yellow stickers but still…  You should know that in Japan your supermarket shopping can cost you more than you might be used to, especially with fruit and veg.  The plus side is that the fruit and veg do tend to taste very nice.

We got a few savings including some half price things and some things with a 30% discount.  We went to Aeon at around 9pm.

I thought this would last us the week, but oh no!  I ended up spending a lot ...

five frugal things – 020617

number 1

I cleaned and sorted the kitchen cupboards and this brought to light that I have a fair bit of tea stashed away. Now, contrary to popular belief, not all British people go through gallons of tea a day.  I will drink it and do like it but it’s definitely something I can live without, especially in this warmer weather but then, genius struck.  I can brew the tea, leave it to cool and make ‘ice’ tea.  I love drinking it this way, particularly when it’s my favourite tipple of Lady Grey or peppermint.  (I don’t normally put the ...