new england and the hudson valley tour: day one |New York

tour: day one |New York
September – October 2019

We were staying in the hotel where the tour departed from – Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, so on the first day of the tour we needed to go to the lobby of the hotel, find our tour guide leader (Nancy) and check in with her.

At 6pm we were to meet in the lobby of the hotel where we would meet our tour companions for the first time. We all headed en masse to the Heartland Brewery and Chophouse which upon checking has now permanently closed. I don’t wish to be unkind, but I can understand why it has met this fate. I did find this bit quite awkward. We had to sit at big tables with everyone all together and you know how it can be when you meet groups of people for the first time, everyone sizing each other up, showing off, out to impress and all that. I’m not really into that, so I found that shall we say, somewhat stressful.

arrival | New York
tour: day one |New York
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