new england and the hudson valley tour: day three | Hartford – Lexington – Concord – Boston

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Welcome to day three of the New England and the Hudson Valley tour diary. We started the day off having breakfast at the Hartford Hilton which wasn’t much better than the offerings for dinner the night before. Everything was individually packaged and the choice was lack lustre. After we’d picked at what we could find, we were back on the coach and travelling to Lexington, MA.

Minute Men and Buckman Tavern

In Lexington, we went to Buckman Tavern for a tour. Set up how it would have been when Captain Parker and his militia congregated awaiting the British Redcoat troops in 1775, it was a fascinating step into the past. The Americans on the tour knew about this but it wasn’t something I was taught in history and I loved it. Most people didn’t like this I later found out, so again, different people are into different things. (There is an online version of the tour here if you’re interested.)

Afterwards we headed out onto Lexington Green where a man who had dressed up as a soldier was giving talks about the history of the green.

Colonial Inn

Then it was time for lunch, so we headed off to Concord, to the Colonial Inn. We all had lunch together which was nice – perhaps I would have liked a separate tables, but it’s nice to be sociable, isn’t it? I really wanted to spend longer in Concord seeing Walden Pond and Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House but it wasn’t to be. I absolutely love Little Women.

Minute Man Historical National Park

Instead we went to the Minute Man Historical National Park where we got to stretch our legs and roam around for a while.

Boston Waterfront

Boston waterfront

Finally we arrived in Boston which I was so excited about because of Rivers Cuomo (he went to Harvard). Just knowing that he had been here was enough for me. I really wanted to go and see Harvard but we didn’t have time – maybe next time.

This day was one of my favourites. I loved all the places we went and would live in any of them in a heartbeat.

Join me next time for day four New England and the Hudson Valley tour diary where we’re in Boston!


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