new england and the hudson valley tour: day four | Boston

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Welcome to day four of the New England and the Hudson Valley tour diary, Boston. We were staying at the Sheraton Boston Hotel which was a very nice hotel. A thing I loved about the hotel rooms in America was that they were huge! No single beds in sight – all double and king size.

Clothes to wash, laundrettes to find

We needed to wash clothes – we’d decided Boston was good because we were there a couple of nights. First we asked if they had a laundry room in the hotel – they didn’t (too posh) but they could do laundry for us and I believer it was something like $15 per pair of underwear! Needless to say, we didn’t use the hotel service. I looked online and found a place nearby but when we got there it was actually a dry cleaners. We must have looked very panicked and desperate because the lovely lady working there told us about a laundrette which she said she could get in trouble for (thank you, nice lady!). When we got there we couldn’t get in so we panicked again thinking it was closed but we just weren’t pushing the door hard enough. When we eventually got in (the lady working there came and pushed the door open), our clothes were weighed and we were told to come back later that day to pick them up. We went back to the hotel and had breakfast there (all the breakfasts were included) and it was a buffet breakfast (most of them were).

Touring Boston

We’d already had a full morning and it was only 9am. We were going on a tour of Boston, starting on the coach. First up was Copley Square to see Trinity Church and the Tortoise and Hare statue.

Old City Hall in Boston

Then on to around Boston were we saw the old Town Hall amongst other attractions. Then a local tour guide took us on a walking segment where we went to Old North Church, Copps Hill Burying Ground etc. It was amazing.

Lunchtime, Free time in Boston

For lunch we went Faneuil Hall Marketplace which was rammed! We ended up getting corn chowder and my husband had clam chowder and a lobster roll. Then the afternoon was free.

We followed the Freedom Trail back towards the hotel, stopping along the way at Boston Common. A few people struck up conversations with us which was really nice – I find it doesn’t happen too much in the UK or Japan.

The Cheesecake Factory with Coco

For dinner we went to *drum roll please* The Cheesecake Factory and I loved it! The waitress was so lovely and she brought us free garlic bread! That never happens in the UK. We had the Cinnabon cheesecake and a peanut butter one. We couldnt finish them so we took them back to the hotel where my mum and I had them as a midnight snack whilst watching Coco. I was in heaven. (And we did go pick up the washing and it was all folded and put in the bag so perfectly.)

I love love loved Boston. I would live there tomorrow. It was like Manchester but just better – I don’t know why. We hardly scratched the surface, so we plan on returning, hopefully very soon.

Take care and see you next time!

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