p p p palau: part one

We went to Palau during June for a week.  Never heard of it?  You aren’t alone.  Neither had I until I saw the cheap flights advertised.  If you have, well done.  You’re probably Japanese, Korean, from that part of the world or into diving!

So it all started last December when we were sat waiting for our flight to Manchester in Marco Polo Airport in Venice. I was going through my bloglovin’ and I saw one post advertising cheap flights from Tokyo to Koror, Palau in June 2017. I googled it and it looked amazing so we decided to book. I am never so spontaneous normally and it felt naughty but so good. The flights were about £250 return pp with a stopover in Seoul on the way back flying with Asiana. Perfect!

Palau is the greenest place I have ever been to.  The light pollution is very little, especially compared to cities which is what I know.  The amount of stars that we could see at night was amazing.  There are coconuts, bananas, papaya and taro growing everywhere; the people are incredibly friendly and it’s such a quiet and peaceful place.  The weather was superb – we only had one rainy morning whilst we were there, other than that, it just rained at night.

I’m going to write a list of blog posts which will hopefully be informative if you want to visit there.  I think the vast majority of people go for the diving.  We didn’t, so these blog posts will hopefully offer some alternative things to do.

Thanks for reading and see my other posts on Palau:


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