memories and a july wish list

Time really does go quickly, doesn’t it? This year it seems to have stood still but then when you look at the date, you realise it’s still moving, perhaps even more so than normal.

Like most people, I am assuming, we haven’t done much. My days have been spent trying to learn how to bake bread, studying Japanese, cooking new things, crafting and navigating the apartment now my husband is working from home (this is still an ongoing learning opportunity).

I’ve also been back and forth to the hospital with thyroid issues, specifically a toxic nodule goitre, causing me to ...

june and july memories and august wish list

june and july memories

The cicadas have finally started making their little chirps (quite noisy little creatures really) and the temperatures are soaring. Europe had a heatwave too and the world just seems to be going crazy! Take care in the heat.

We went on a boat – link here for the one we did which was really good. I emailed Miho and her English was impeccable, so no worries there. When we got to the boat, I was the only, shall we say, non-Japanese looking person in our group of ten. She started speaking in Japanese and it was ...

reading and watching


Let me start by saying that I watch far more TV than I should and that I don’t read enough.  With all this in mind, I want to share what exactly I have been watching and reading in the month of July.



We got a subscription to Netflix and this has been really good for me because I don’t like watching Japanese TV all that much.  However, I understand that watching TV in another language really helps your listening.  So, we decided to subscribe to Netflix and watch programmes in Japanese that were originally in another language.  This ...