p p p palau: part five – hotel and eats

The last of the Palau posts, that calls for a collective sigh I believe. It was good whilst it lasted, or maybe it wasn’t. For this post, I’m going to introduce our hotel and some of the food we ate. Not all of the food because I forgot to take photos, you have to live life!

We stayed at the Palau Plantation Resort. Did we like the hotel? Yes. Did we like the reception staff? Most, but not all. (This is only about the people on reception, everyone else was absolutely fantastic!) Firstly, we were the only non-Japanese guests ...

months of memories and october wish list

Wow, I had to look when I last did one of these and it was in June!   That means, we have the memories of June, July, August and September to go through!

months of memories

june – Palau!

We were in Palau.  You can read all about it on the following pages:

I went to Todoroki Valley (which I haven’t blogged ...

p p p palau: part four – Ngardmau waterfall and stone monoliths

This was our second tour with Antelope and it was the ‘Super Babeldaob Tour’, tagline, ‘You will discover another fascination other than the ocean in Palau’ and they quite frankly couldn’t have been more right. It was $130pp and again it was just my husband, me and the guide. Our guide was from the Philippines so this time, the tour was all in English. He was really great and kept us informed and entertained all day.

First stop, Taiwan Fruit Farm/Orchard. It was an additional $5pp but if I’m being honest, the whole reason that I wanted to do ...

p p p palau: part three – history

This was another trip we did, this time through our hotel. It was a half a day and it was called 「半日パラオ歴史探訪ツアー」so I guess something like ‘Searching Palau’s History Half Day Tour’. It started at 9 but it went on until about 14:00, so it was longer than half a day. It cost $70pp and we were the only ones on it.

This was the only day that the weather wasn’t too great. It rained early on in the morning, but by about 11am, the sun was blazing and it was a glorious day. You can see the grey skies ...

p p p palau: part two – milky way, long beach and snorkelling

We did two trips with Antelope Tours and both were amazing. The first one was the Super Rock Island Tour.  This is the number one thing I was looking forward to doing and it did not disappoint.   I would say that this is an absolute must do if you are coming to Palau.  The team at Antelope were amazing. I think they cater more for Japanese guests but they do speak English and the team is a mixture of nationalities. We felt so well taken care of and they really did a good job.

The tour was from 9:00 ...