spending the money on fukubukuro


It’s the new year and with brings fukubukuro in Japan.  I wanted a Lush one but for some reason this year, Lush Japan decided not to do them.  That was a nice surprise.  Can I also say that we trudged to the nearest Lush in a shopping centre and queued outside for 45 minutes. Got inside and no Lush goody bags.  Not wanting to let it upset me, I swiftly moved on and instead bought a Baskin and Robins aka 31 bag, a Mister Donut one and a Haagen Dazs one. Spot the theme?  Yes, it’s food.

For dinner on ...

italian life


Hello, long time no blog, especially over Christmas.  So, we went to Italy to visit family and then on to England, but I don’t have any photos of England – sorry.

We didn’t get up to too much, just seeing family, friends, eating, drinking, giving and receiving presents.  It was just all the usual Christmas stuff and I loved every minute.

In Italy we had a cooking lesson (a separate blog to follow); had ice cream; ate delicious food and relaxed.  We flew to Zurich with Swiss Air and then to Venice. Swiss Air were very good, we were impressed ...

old news


This weekend I went to Hagi in Yamaguchi.  I was going to post pictures I had taken but…I didn’t really take any!  You can see the problem, I’m sure.  I didn’t take any because we weren’t actually there to sightsee, we went for a family ritual that needed to be carried out.  This involved sitting on the floor for a very long time and then having to stagger over to the alter which is no easy thing when you can’t feel your feet, I can tell you!  It was very hard going seeing family friends (note, not my friends) who ...