climbing mt. fuji – 17th august 2018

So you want to climb Fujisan? You’re thinking, ‘I’m in Japan, it’s a great idea! A once in a lifetime opportunity’. Well I’m here to say, think again! Well, not really, it’s your life, but I’ll tell you what, I don’t have fond memories of my time spent on that mountain and if I could do it all again, I wouldn’t. I’d just go to station 5 and come home and be very content with that. If I haven’t put you off already, I encourage you to read on!

rental stuff

We rented our waterproofs and boots from here ...

Mt. Nokogiriyama

Have you been wondering what I did during this year’s Golden Week? Going out of your mind imagining all the amazing things I probably got up to? Well the wait is over! It must be good if it’s taken me this long to get something together, eh?

Well, we went to two places – Yokohama and Mt. Nokogiriyama.  I have no photos of Yokohama, so you can imagine the amazing time we had.  No, that’s not fair, we did have a good time eating our way about and sitting in the park.  I don’t think I would rush back though. ...

p p p palau: part three – history

This was another trip we did, this time through our hotel. It was a half a day and it was called 「半日パラオ歴史探訪ツアー」so I guess something like ‘Searching Palau’s History Half Day Tour’. It started at 9 but it went on until about 14:00, so it was longer than half a day. It cost $70pp and we were the only ones on it.

This was the only day that the weather wasn’t too great. It rained early on in the morning, but by about 11am, the sun was blazing and it was a glorious day. You can see the grey skies ...

jr tokyo wide pass: day 1


I hope you are all well (she says to herself).  But yes, I am well.  It was Golden Week last week in Japan. We left it too late to book anywhere abroad.  Well, we could have but it would have cost a small fortune, so we just had a what’s that recent buzzword again?, oh, staycation.  We got a JR Tokyo Wide Pass (and that’s JR east which caused a lot of confusion for us – Dear JR, maybe put east in the pass’ actual name?).  So, where did we go?

We went to Kawaguchiko on Wednesday ...

the philippines


Those with a keen eye will have noticed I changed the tagline of the site from ‘come live my life with me’ to ‘living life frugally’.  Now, not everything I do is frugal, but it is a big hobby of mine.  I love saving money, getting deals and enjoying the free things in life, so it’s sort of there to act as a reminder to me.  What I am trying to say is, this post isn’t really showing off my frugal ways BUT I don’t spend on other things so I can spend on the things I am interested in. ...