jr tokyo wide pass: day 1


I hope you are all well (she says to herself).  But yes, I am well.  It was Golden Week last week in Japan. We left it too late to book anywhere abroad.  Well, we could have but it would have cost a small fortune, so we just had a what’s that recent buzzword again?, oh, staycation.  We got a JR Tokyo Wide Pass (and that’s JR east which caused a lot of confusion for us – Dear JR, maybe put east in the pass’ actual name?).  So, where did we go?

We went to Kawaguchiko on Wednesday ...

2016 memories


Indulge me if you will in my highlights and lowlights of 2016.  It will be photo heavy, just to warn you.


We went on the Highgate Cemetery tour.  Very informative and something different to do in London.


We also went to visit my husband’s family in Italy.



We did the supreme Saturday at Yauatcha in The City.  Beautiful!



It was my mum’s birthday and we went to El Gato Negro in Manchester which was really divine.



I got to see Weezer twice in April! Manchester and London.  The best band ever!



Took my mum to Barcelona ...

reading and watching


Let me start by saying that I watch far more TV than I should and that I don’t read enough.  With all this in mind, I want to share what exactly I have been watching and reading in the month of July.



We got a subscription to Netflix and this has been really good for me because I don’t like watching Japanese TV all that much.  However, I understand that watching TV in another language really helps your listening.  So, we decided to subscribe to Netflix and watch programmes in Japanese that were originally in another language.  This ...

wasting time

I am rich in time; I have ample amounts of it.  I can do pretty much what I like with my time. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  I know I am very lucky.  The thing is, I don’t do very much at all most days.  I sit and laze about, doing the bare minimum.  Yes I do enjoy doing nothing but I also feel incredibly guilty at the end of the day when nothing has been accomplished.  This is completely different to when I was ridiculously busy both working and studying.  I had a lot less time then but when I ...