no hobby no life

A thing you get asked over and over and over and over again in Japan is (and this is no matter on the age), ‘What are your hobbies?’.  To me, this is an odd question to ask an adult but maybe I’m the odd one?  My usual boring answer is, ‘reading’.  And watching TV and Netflix and YouTube AND of course, eating.  This actually annoys me because my hobby is reading.  I like to read and I do read.  I am under the impression that lots of people say reading is their hobby but then they never do it.   ...

organising my life


A new year means a need to get organised!  Above are the hangers where the hanging clothes live.

The food cupboards, I sorted all the stuff and made it easy to find.  Must also clean and sort fridge.



The drawers with our clothes and nightwear.




It felt so good to sort out all our clothes.  I have also gotten rid of some items that I have been desperately clinging onto despite never wearing.  It made me feel sad I had wasted money on them but also good that I was finally able to say goodbye.  I did say goodbye and ...

2016 memories


Indulge me if you will in my highlights and lowlights of 2016.  It will be photo heavy, just to warn you.


We went on the Highgate Cemetery tour.  Very informative and something different to do in London.


We also went to visit my husband’s family in Italy.



We did the supreme Saturday at Yauatcha in The City.  Beautiful!



It was my mum’s birthday and we went to El Gato Negro in Manchester which was really divine.



I got to see Weezer twice in April! Manchester and London.  The best band ever!



Took my mum to Barcelona ...

the years come and go so fast

It was my birthday the other week.  The picture above is of Paris which is where I was last year when I turned 28.  Unfortunately, we were there when the tragedy took place.  This year, we stayed local.  We spent the day in Omotesando, Harajuku and finally Shibuya.

For lunch we went to Aoyama Flower Market.  I recommend it if you like flowers.  It was really pretty and the food was nice too.  We didn’t have to wait too long, around 30 minutes, but when we came out, the queue was massive and the sign said 60 minute wait!

I ...

a change

Recently, I have started to wonder about my life.  I have started to question my wants, needs, actions, reactions, emotions and desires.  I have started to see behaviours that I don’t like and have decided that because of this changes need to be made to how I live my life.

the trigger

Greed…I moved to Japan with my husband, this was just after Brexit.  We needed to change yen to sterling before we came here and I (both of us really) became a little obsessed watching the rates.  I got greedy.  One day I tried to change money, only ...