6 months of 2018 memories and august wish list

Laziness!  Ok, rather than dwell on why no updates of late, let’s move on to actual updates.

6 months of 2018 memories

To continue with my favourite theme, I’m just gonna leave the photos there. No explanation needed.

august wish list

  • carry on reading – I have been reading a lot this year
  • go to a museum – I want to go to the soseki one
  • finish the shirt dress by merchant and mills
  • climb mt fuji (I know)
  • go to the recycle shop and drop my stuff off.

How has your first half of the year been?  How scary ...

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

I wrote about signing up for a free trail with Amazon UK Kindle Unlimited here.

It was free for a month and to be honest, I didn’t even end up using it for the whole time.  I think I decided to cancel halfway through the trail and then just gave up on it.

Of course, this is just me but the books on offer either weren’t the ones I really like to read or I had already read.  If you are into crime books, I think it might be quite a good service as they did seem to ...

no hobby no life

A thing you get asked over and over and over and over again in Japan is (and this is no matter on the age), ‘What are your hobbies?’.  To me, this is an odd question to ask an adult but maybe I’m the odd one?  My usual boring answer is, ‘reading’.  And watching TV and Netflix and YouTube AND of course, eating.  This actually annoys me because my hobby is reading.  I like to read and I do read.  I am under the impression that lots of people say reading is their hobby but then they never do it.   ...

reading and watching


Let me start by saying that I watch far more TV than I should and that I don’t read enough.  With all this in mind, I want to share what exactly I have been watching and reading in the month of July.



We got a subscription to Netflix and this has been really good for me because I don’t like watching Japanese TV all that much.  However, I understand that watching TV in another language really helps your listening.  So, we decided to subscribe to Netflix and watch programmes in Japanese that were originally in another language.  This ...

reducing stress


I like to think I don’t get stressed too easily, but I fear the opposite is true. One of the things that really stresses me out is a full inbox.


I invariably sign up to newsletters that I think will be interesting to me or sometimes I don’t even realise I am signing up to something.  Then my inbox gets flooded.  I hate this, it really stresses me out because I feel like I have lots to do and I don’t know where to start.  I don’t want to just do a mass delete because there might be something ...