five frugal things – 260517

So, a few blogs that I love to read post about five frugal things they have done in the week and I thought I would like to try it too.

number 1

My phone case was so scruffy looking and I wanted a new one but I decided to refashion my old one because even though it’s broken in a few places, it is still doing the job.  I’m really pleased with it.

before… after…

number 2

I recently bought some tomato plants and I already have my herbs from last year.  To water them, I use the cold water that comes out of the shower whilst I’m waiting for it to warm up.  This water would otherwise be wasted, so it’s environmentally friendly too.

number 3

If I have to go somewhere by train, I always try to take the cheapest possible route, even if that means walking to or from a station thats a little bit out of the way.  I did just that this morning and saved myself ¥62 which isn’t a lot, but it all adds up.  Plus, it was good exercise and I got to see this lovely view of Tokyo Tower.  (Okay, no, I didn’t take this today.  It was too rainy and I just wanted to hurry on to the station).


number 4

I ate leftovers.  I can’t abide food waste and so leftovers are a common feature for me.  I really enjoy them and it just makes lunch that so much quicker, because I am always so busy…  I had this with roasted broccoli which wasn’t looking it’s best (including the stalk, of course).  The lasagne is the one from the BBC that I mentioned the other day.  Really nice and I recommend.


number 5

I have joined up for a free trial for one month of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.  If I lived in England, I’d be going to the library but living in Japan, I don’t really have that luxury for English books.  I can buy them and I have done in the past but I don’t like the clutter (I’ve very rarely reread books) and it’s a hassle getting rid of them.  So, I just joined Kindle Unlimited yesterday and I’m really enjoying it.  I’m already nearly halfway through my first book.

What savvy savings have you made this week?


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