new england and the hudson valley (sept – oct 2019) : arrival | New York

arrival | New York

The plan was that my husband and I would fly from Tokyo to JFK and my mum would meet us there from her flight from the UK. Our flights were due to arrive at pretty much the same time, but different terminals. Off the plane, through immigration, get bags, then onto my mum’s terminal. Perfect! I have never been through a queue to enter a country like that! It was crazy, we were queuing for about 2 hours and I was fretting so much about my mum panicking that we wouldn’t there when she got ...

memories and a july wish list

Time really does go quickly, doesn’t it? This year it seems to have stood still but then when you look at the date, you realise it’s still moving, perhaps even more so than normal.

Like most people, I am assuming, we haven’t done much. My days have been spent trying to learn how to bake bread, studying Japanese, cooking new things, crafting and navigating the apartment now my husband is working from home (this is still an ongoing learning opportunity).

I’ve also been back and forth to the hospital with thyroid issues, specifically a toxic nodule goitre, causing me to ...

days of nothingness

How is everyone?

I’m still here, I hope you are too.

I hope you’re all keeping safe in these weird times. I’m happiest when I’m at home and I always thought everyone else must be too, but the more I speak with people, the more I realise that’s not the case.

Take care and stay safe, whichever kind you are.

Emily ...

natsume soseki memorial museum

I love Natsume Soseki and there is a museum dedicated to him in Waseda. It’s built on the site where he used to live and it is a beautiful building inside.

Here’s a link to the walking map.

There is also a cafe inside and I did like the coffee. We didn’t get any of the sweets because they were sold out of the 空也もなか but I don’t think we missed much.

For lunch we went to Cafe VG which is a veggie place and was lovely.

I was glad to visit the Soseki museum. It’s not really a ...