I have four main outfits that I have been wearing this winter. I tend to wear a grey jumper (unpictured) with the skirt. As I was thinking about my tendency to not vary in my dress, I couldn’t help but ponder on why I’ve bought so much fabric to make new clothes.  I’ll tell you something though, you can be assured it’s following a similar colour palette! ...

clothes diary

I feel like I have a lot of clothes, so I listed them all out and it turns out I have 39 or 47 if you include coats and scarves.


I have decided to keep a track of what I wear for the next month to see if I need all of my clothes and really to see what I actually wear.  I have seen/heard a variety of versions of this but for me, keeping track using a list I’ve made seems the easiest.

why do i want to do it?

I feel like I have some clothes that ...

i can’t believe you’re not an artist

They’re too good, aren’t they?  For someone not in the creative industry.  I know.   Anyway, these are my plans for my sewing extravaganza for this summer. All Tilly and the Buttons patterns which I am very drawn to. We will just have to see how they go.  I have already made two of the items which I will be posting about soon!!

Coco doesn’t have a second arm because I couldn’t get it right

Emily ...

organising my life


A new year means a need to get organised!  Above are the hangers where the hanging clothes live.

The food cupboards, I sorted all the stuff and made it easy to find.  Must also clean and sort fridge.



The drawers with our clothes and nightwear.




It felt so good to sort out all our clothes.  I have also gotten rid of some items that I have been desperately clinging onto despite never wearing.  It made me feel sad I had wasted money on them but also good that I was finally able to say goodbye.  I did say goodbye and ...