clothes diary

I feel like I have a lot of clothes, so I listed them all out and it turns out I have 39 or 47 if you include coats and scarves.


I have decided to keep a track of what I wear for the next month to see if I need all of my clothes and really to see what I actually wear.  I have seen/heard a variety of versions of this but for me, keeping track using a list I’ve made seems the easiest.

why do i want to do it?

I feel like I have some clothes that are just lurking about and not actually being worn.  They might as well go to someone who will rather than just collecting dust with me.  Some I think I feel are a bit too young for me.  I did recently turn 30 and I think my style should feel a little more grown up now.

the list

jeans – blue
jeans – black
shorts – black
skirt – black
skirt – black, Muji
culottes – black
trousers – blue
trousers – check, white/black
trousers – check, blue
t-shirt – grey, H&M
t-shirt – grey, v-neck
t-shirt – grey, Uniqlo
t-shirt – faded blue
t-shirt – striped blue (dress)
top – denim
top – dark grey, Tesco
tank top – black
tank top – grey
top – black, long-sleeve
top – striped blue, long-sleeve
top – white, silver, Zara
top – Zara work top
blouse – white, short-sleeve
shirt – white, long-sleeve
jumper – grey
jumper – green
sweater – Weezer, grey
cardigan – black
cardigan – black, long
cardigan – grey
cardigan – grey, thick
cardigan – orange
cardigan – heart
dress – striped black, Muji
dress – polka dot
dress – black, Joy
dress – blue, Naniiro
dress – dark grey, jersey
dress – check
scarf – black, wooly
scarf – blue, bird
scarf – grey, Paris
scarf – grey, star
scarf – zebra
coat – mac FCUK
coat – grey, Dorothy
coat – raincoat


I will report back after a month.

How do you keep on top of your clothes?


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