june and july memories and august wish list

june and july memories

The cicadas have finally started making their little chirps (quite noisy little creatures really) and the temperatures are soaring. Europe had a heatwave too and the world just seems to be going crazy! Take care in the heat.

We went on a boat – link here for the one we did which was really good. I emailed Miho and her English was impeccable, so no worries there. When we got to the boat, I was the only, shall we say, non-Japanese looking person in our group of ten. She started speaking in Japanese and it was ...

april memories and may wish list

april memories
I’ve been really terrible for blogging recently, I apologise for that.  I haven’t been tending to take many photos either whilst I’ve been out and about but I’ll share the ones that I have taken.

I started off the month by going to see the cherry blossoms (you can see more pictures here if you would like).  This below two photos are at Yasukuni Shrine.

Then these were taken at The Imperial Palace, at the moat.  The queue for the boats was ridiculous.

The new Scott & Rivers album came out in April (go buy it if ...

the philippines


Those with a keen eye will have noticed I changed the tagline of the site from ‘come live my life with me’ to ‘living life frugally’.  Now, not everything I do is frugal, but it is a big hobby of mine.  I love saving money, getting deals and enjoying the free things in life, so it’s sort of there to act as a reminder to me.  What I am trying to say is, this post isn’t really showing off my frugal ways BUT I don’t spend on other things so I can spend on the things I am interested in. ...