fruit parlor fukunaga

For my husband’s birthday/our wedding anniversary we went to Fruit Parlour Fukunaga – you can follow them on Twitter here.  It was delightful!  As you can see, we went greedy!

First up we have a cherry parfait and (large, I think) plate of fresh fruit.

Then the fruit sandwiches which I liked very much. I hadn’t ever had a fruit sandwich before coming to Japan, but now I have delighted upon them, I have become quite fond. You can find them at the supermarkets and conbinis too if you don’t have time to go to a fruit parlour. The ...

p p p palau: part four – Ngardmau waterfall and stone monoliths

This was our second tour with Antelope and it was the ‘Super Babeldaob Tour’, tagline, ‘You will discover another fascination other than the ocean in Palau’ and they quite frankly couldn’t have been more right. It was $130pp and again it was just my husband, me and the guide. Our guide was from the Philippines so this time, the tour was all in English. He was really great and kept us informed and entertained all day.

First stop, Taiwan Fruit Farm/Orchard. It was an additional $5pp but if I’m being honest, the whole reason that I wanted to do ...

p p p palau: part one

We went to Palau during June for a week.  Never heard of it?  You aren’t alone.  Neither had I until I saw the cheap flights advertised.  If you have, well done.  You’re probably Japanese, Korean, from that part of the world or into diving!

So it all started last December when we were sat waiting for our flight to Manchester in Marco Polo Airport in Venice. I was going through my bloglovin’ and I saw one post advertising cheap flights from Tokyo to Koror, Palau in June 2017. I googled it and it looked amazing so we decided to book. ...